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About Miscanthus

Miscanthus d.o.o. secured long-term supply of certified Miscanthus x giganteus clone Illinois “in vitro” seedlings class M0 from Western Balkan's exclusive distributor of leading EU cloning laboratory specialized on Miscanthus seedlings production...


As of today we established and are managing over 100 hectares of Miscanthus Giganteus
clone Illinois nursery plantations in Croatia


We produce and supply own elite planting material, develop tailor-made implementation concepts, and provide turnkey solutions for biomass utilization projects: from Miscanthus biomass plantations establishment and energy farming to vertically integrated feedstock supply chains.

Key elements of the biomass supply chain model are:

Certified high-quality
planting material

Long-lasting high yields
on marginal soils

Secured & sufficient industrial
biomass quantity

We develop and optimize the biomass feedstock chains to reduce agricultural inputs, contribute to food security and increase the environmental sustainability of Agribusiness

Feasibility Study
& Business Plan

Our professional and skilled team will assist you with business model and plan
of Miscanthus supply chain establishment (planning, structuring, consideration,
set up), development & optimization.

Certified high-quality
planting material

We are happy to offer you our SGS certified elite Miscanthus planting material in formof the first and the second generation rhizomes, with proven genetical origination and rhizome
germination for establishment of your own Miscanthus biomass plantations.

Plantation Establishment
& Development

We implement turn-key solutions for the establishment of Miscanthus biomass plantations and consult
development of Miscanthus feedstock supply chain in any country where an industrial off-taking facility would be located and the required acreage of land would be available.

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All our products are made from proven and certified planting material, and production does not require use of the pesticides and fertilizers, so it is unlikely that unwanted compounds will come within your product.

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    Bedding (10kg)

    Miscanthus products

    Miscanthus, in the form of bedding, comes in an immaculate form, free of dust and other contaminants, as well as pesticides.

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  • Miscanthus seedling (1 year old)

    Miscanthus products

    One-year old plants in 10-20 liters biodegradable breathable non-woven fabric felt planter grow pots

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    Miscanthus seedling (2 year old)

    Miscanthus products

    One-year old plants in 10-20 liters biodegradable breathable non-woven fabric felt planter grow pots

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    Mulch (10kg)


    Organic, ecological and pH neutral Miscanthus mulch without impurities.

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