Bedding (10kg)

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Miscanthus, in the form of bedding, comes in an immaculate form, free of dust and other contaminants, as well as pesticides.

It is characterized by a high absorption capacity, which is the result of a favourable lignocellulosic composition with over 50% cellulose, thus preventing the spread of moist spots that can be removed without replacing the entire bedding. A great advantage is that removed material can be successfully composted thanks to a favourable C: N ratio.

Miscanthus biomass also contains less free nutrients like simple sugars and amino acids and a higher concentration of cellulose and lignin. This composition has a positive effect on preventing the growth of undesirable pests and bacteria comparing to other crop straw.

Dust concentrations (PM10) are higher in other crop straw, so miscanthus straw is particularly suitable for the preservation of respiratory systems and the overall health of livestock and calves.

Weight 10 kg


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