Elite planting material of Miscanthus giganteus clone Illinois with proven and confirmed genetical origination.

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Rhizomes – bare roots (individual and in rhizomes clusters)

All our rhizomes/plants are grown from 1st generation rhizomes obtained from three years old ex vitro plants of Miscanthus giganteus clone Illinois.  We are providing confirmation documents for all our plants/shipments accordingly.

Delivery costs are not included in the prices presented in the table below. Purchased products can be picked up at the plantation location (Sisak-Moslavina county, Croatia) or delivered on the basis of separate agreements.

We are selling rhizomes by the following prices (VAT included):

Minimal number of rhizomes Maximal number of rhizomes Price
1.000 100.000 4,50 HRK
100.000 1.000.000 4,00 HRK
1.000.000 10.000.000 3,50 HRK
10.000.000 / 3,00 HRK

Ordering Notes:

Our sales process begins with you sending your reservation form and us sending you a confirmation email.

Prior to your order arrival date, we will be sending a reminder reservation to your email.
You may make a payment by check at that time or if you prefer to pay by credit card you may do so by using the payment link provided in the email.

Please pay your order promptly by the due date (two days before the ship date) to ensure your order is shipped by the arrival date.
Reservations that are not paid by the due date will automatically be returned to inventory.
Please call our office if you would like to change the quantity, arrival date or reorder.

Planting and Care Info:

Keeping rhizomes fresh until planting – Each bag has a scoop of moist peat moss for moisture control. Rhizomes can be stored easily for two weeks in a refrigerator or basement at T 0° +5°C. The cold slows the growth.
Do not put rhizomes in the freezer.


1 – 1.000, 1.000 – 100.000, 100.000 – 1.000.000, 1.000.000 – 10.000.000, 10.000.000+


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