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We produce our own elite planting material, develop tailor-made implementation concepts & provide turnkey solutions for biomass utilization projects.

Unlike food crops, energy crops, including MxG, are not available on a commodity market today, they are established specifically for an end-user/biomass utilization project. We provide a service from project conception through to implementation. We aim to be your agricultural partner to deliver the feedstock component and we work with our customers during the development of the end-use conversion facility. Our service covers all aspects from initial feedstock yield prediction through to establishing supply contracts and logistics.

 There is no standard format for biomass supply chains, they can take many forms.

However, the key elements of the biomass supply chain model are:

Certified high-quality
planting material

Long-lasting high yields
on marginal soils

Secured & sufficient industrial
biomass quantity

As your partner, we cover the whole agricultural aspect of feedstock supply for you. MISCANTHUS d.o.o. can provide a combined solution for biomass utilization projects to support on-farm propagation and build integrated biomass feedstock supply chain. We can work with customers, particularly for large-scale projects, to set up on-farm propagation sites identical to those that we use internally. This supports projects to produce local commercial volumes of low-cost crops for establishing larger areas cost-effectively. Also, this service provides projects with the lowest cost option for high-quality rhizome supply.

We develop and optimize the biomass feedstock chains to reduce agricultural inputs, contribute to food security and increase the environmental sustainability of Agribusiness

Feasibility Study
& Business Plan

Our professional and skilled team will assist you with business model and plan
of Miscanthus supply chain establishment (planning, structuring, consideration,
set up), development & optimization.

Certified high-quality
planting material

We are happy to offer you our elite Miscanthus planting material in formof the first and the second generation rhizomes, with proven genetical origination and rhizome
germination for establishment of your own Miscanthus biomass plantations.

Plantation Establishment
& Development

We implement turn-key solutions for the establishment of Miscanthus biomass plantations and consult
development of Miscanthus feedstock supply chain in any country where an industrial off-taking facility would be located and the required acreage of land would be available.


& secure your supply!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our team members are happy to help you with a selection of products to suit your needs!